Hello June Cleaver…

My crockpot has been getting a workout lately.  I’ve decided to name her June Cleaver since she cooks all day long and has dinner ready for me when I get home from work, which makes me feel a little like Ward Cleaver.   If only she would do my laundry and vacuum the living room….

June and I made Beef Stew yesterday, recipe and photo forthcoming.  It is my tweaked version of a recipe I found in a magazine…. the original called for bay leaves and thyme and my husband didn’t really care for it when I made it the first time going strictly by the recipe.  So I’ve been leaving those out the last couple of times I’ve made it and we both like it much better.  This got me to thinking about what kind of foods I like to cook and what I want to share on this blog.  My style is simple, homestyle, southern comfort food.  My mother never cooked with anything like a bay leaf or thyme… the most exotic spices she probably ever used were paprika and oregano once in awhile.  And the food tasted GOOD.  The flavors of the meat and vegetables were not disguised or changed by a bunch of spices.  A little salt and pepper and the occasional addition of a simple spice or two (more on what I call “simple spices” later), that’s really all I need.  You would have never found my mom cooking with most of the stuff you see on the Food Network today.  And I want to cook like she did… simple and real.  So there is my “culinary viewpoint”.

And yes, I’ve watched way too many episodes of “The Next Food Network Star”.  🙂