Turkey Kielbasa and Rice

While I was driving home from work, I started thinking about dinner and what I have in the pantry and I came up with this. It was actually pretty yummy!

8 oz turkey kielbasa, diced
1 bag success rice
4 cups instant turkey broth
1 small can of corn (2 serving size)
Chili powder to taste
Lawry’s to taste
Salt & pepper to taste

Brown the turkey in a skillet and cook rice in the turkey broth in a separate pot.
When both are done, add rice to skillet, saving about 1 1/2 cups of broth. Also add corn, chili powder, lawry’s, salt and pepper, then add the broth and simmer until most of the liquid is gone.


The half sweater

So I’ve been working on a sweater for my son for probably about 9 months now…. Off and on, I take regular hiatuses from it. He’s now one and I’m afraid even if I do manage to finish this thing soon, it’s going to be too small. So what does one do with a half sweater? I could use the panel I have already knitted in another project for him and hope that this one doesn’t fizzle out too…. Suggestions would be welcome, if anybody is reading this 🙂

Hello my name is…

Hi, I’m Shauna and I’m a thirty-something wife and mother who also works full-time. I aspire to be Martha Stewart (minus the jail time) but have only succeeded in becoming Roseanne Barr thus far. I will chronicle my attempts at becoming a domestic diva – recipes, knitting projects, housekeeping, child rearin’, etc. As I learn, I will share 🙂