Drowning in a sea of laundry

Since my hubby rejected my initial great idea of calling Merry Maids, I’ve decided to make a cleaning and laundry schedule so that one day he won’t find me dead beneath a mountain of towels and work pants. First I made a list of all the tasks I would like to have completed in my home each week (in a perfect world). Then I figured out what had to be done everyday, such as dishes, and divided the rest up evenly over the week. Laundry is the biggie… I swear, I don’t know how two adults and one toddler can go through so many clothes. You’d think we change clothes every 10 minutes. But anyway, I figured with a written schedule I’m more likely to actually follow through. It’s gonna cut into my tv time though. Cleaning sucks….



  1. writing down your goals and priorities is so important and will help you feel much more accomplished and make you more likely to complete your tasks! You might even find ways to delegate πŸ™‚ Praying for you, my friend, on this new journey ❀

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